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Petunia Care

Petunias are simple yet beautiful flowers that make a great addition to any garden, balcony, porch, or yard.  They are also quite simple to grow and care for.  Still, if you buy plants and go through the trouble to grow them, you want them to stay healthy – even if they are fairly simple and straightforward.  This is why petunia care is important for you and your petunias.

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Caring for Hippeastrum

Hippeastrum have large extravagant trumpet shaped blooms on tall thick stems. In general they will produce 2 stems with at least 4 large flowers per stem making an impressive display.  Popular around Christmas and New Year, they flower easily and their showy flowers are sure to brighten up any room or Christmas dining table.

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Bob's Market Introduces A New Product!

This year Bob's Market is proud to introduce a new product line.  From the foothills of Switzerland we are importing trees from the species spagosus pastara, also know as Spaghetti Trees.  Once threatened with extinction, these trees have now been fully repopulated it Switzerland and Italy.  Recently a change in US Customs regulations has allowed us to start importing the once endangered plants.

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