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Growing Sprouts

I have fond childhood memories of going out for lunch after Sunday church to Dale’s (Duff’s) Smorgasbord in Gallipolis, OH.  To me the coolest thing wasn’t the rotating buffet but the salad bar.  On the salad bar they had alfalfa sprouts.  Being a weird kid the preferred vegetables over sweets, I would always pile my plate high with alfalfa sprouts and those little ears of corn.  As a kid, I always wondered how those sprouts were grown.

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How an Appalachian Apple Became The Gold Standard

It’s fall.  Here at Bob’s this means three things – pansies, mums, and apples.  Apples are pretty amazing.  We owe modern apples to central Asian farmers thousands of years ago who first domesticated apples.  However, we can look a little closer to home when it comes to the most popular varieties of apples today.  Two popular varieties have their origin right here in West Virginia.  Grimes Golden and Golden Delicious, West Virginia’s official state fruit.  In 2013, the Golden Delicious was one of four apple varieties featured on 33-cent stamps issued by the U.S. Postal Service.

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