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On The Road: Cultivate17

This weekend join Bob’s Market online as we head to Columbus, OH for the Cultivate 2017 conference and trade show.  Follow along with our own John Morgan as he attends the Urban Agriculture tour on Saturday, visits the Franklin Park Conservatory on Sunday, and the Ohio State University Trial Gardens on Monday.  Also, watch our Facebook Page, Instagram, and Snapchat stories for other updates, awesome ideas, and more.

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Bob's Behind-The-Scenes

During my 40 minute drive to Bob’s HQ each morning, I like to listen to podcasts.  Among my favorite podcasts is Freakonomics Radio.  Last week host Stephen Dubner explored the complexity of making something as simple as a pencil.  The episode featured a famous economics essay, “I, Pencil: My Family Tree” by Leonard E. Read.  When you visit one of our markets, you are only seeing a small part of a huge supply chain.  Let’s take a look at how a plant grown from seed gets to one of our markets.  Since spring is just around the corner, let’s take a look at growing pansies.

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