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Choosing Plants That Fit

Shopping for plants can be a bit disorienting if you don’t have a definite plan of what you want to buy.  There’s annuals and perennials, tons of colors, and hundred other options.  Each year I come up with a color scheme for my landscape and work from there.  The next thing I consider is the bed locations, container sizes, and the heights that would look best.  There’s tons of other factors you can consider when planning.  In this post I want to look at just the container size options we offer, and the applications they are best suited for in your garden.

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2015 In Review

2015 was great year at Bob’s!  Of course, the last 45 years have been great at Bob’s Market too.  This year we celebrated our 15th year of being online.  Waaaay back in the year 2000 we registered the domain name “”, and Bob’s online presence continues to grow.

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