S2E2 - The Foodscape Revolution

In this episode we meet Brie Arthur and take a look at foodscaping. This revolutionary method of gardening combines the beauty of ornamental plants with the benefits of vegetables. If you have limited space or want to cultivate a landscape with more biodiversity, this is a method to check out.

Brie has fine-tuned her signature design technique of Foodscaping, a sustainable landscape practice that embraces beauty and bounty. Aiming to change the way landscapes are designed and managed, Brie encourages everyone to "think outside of the box." Learn how pairing edibles in a traditional ornamental landscape increases bio-diversity and adds purpose to everyday spaces.

Brie Arthur


Originally from southeastern Michigan, Brie Arthur studied Landscape Design and Horticulture at Purdue University. With more than a decade of experience as a grower and propagator she now devotes her expertise to promoting the hobby of home gardening across America. With her debut book, The Foodscape Revolution becoming a best seller, Brie has garnered acclaim for her enthusiastic presentations and practical, out of the box gardening advice. Brie serves as an ambassador for Soil3 organic compost and appears as a correspondent on the PBS Television show “Growing a Greener World”. As Vice President of Horticulture at the on-line retailer Gardenuity, Brie is able to use her plant knowledge to reach consumers nationally. She currently serves as Vice President of the International Plant Propagators Society and is on the North Carolina Botanic Garden executive board. Brie was honored as the first recipient of the The American Horticultural Society's Emerging Horticultural Professional Award for her efforts in connecting a new generation to the art of growing. Her second book, Gardening with Grains published by St Lynn’s Press, will be available in autumn 2019.






Garden Wisdom

Your garden may appear to be a quiet place, but in reality it is an arena where hundreds of life-and- death dramas are played out every day. Birth and death, killing and nurturing, even intrigue and cunning are all part of the complex community of life waiting to be discovered—and sometimes struggled with—in your garden.

-Rosalind Creasy, Edible Landscaping, 1982.

Gardening can be pretty dramatic sometimes.

Photos by Brie Arthur