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S1E7 - Water: The Magic of Life

When it comes to watering plants, there’s really only three options - too much, too little, or just right … but there’s the rub.  Just like with light and temperature requirements, all plants are different.  Some plants, like succulents, can get by with pretty dry soil and some aquatic plants literally live in water.  There’s a whole spectrum of water needs in between.

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S1E3 - Seed is Everything

In the garden, seed is everything. Seeds represent potential, hope, and rebirth.  Every gardener knows the feeling of sowing seeds in the garden, seeing them sprout, and nursing them along throughout the growing season. In this episode, we explore the basic science behind seeds. We’ll also hear from April Shelhon at Botanical Interests about how the seeds you find in packets at the store get there, and she’ll also share some tips on starting seeds at home.

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