Amazing New Seeds at Bob's!

This spring Bob’s Market is proud to announce the addition of a new type of plant.  A unique, genetically-engineered plant, created by H. Simpson Genetics, a subsidiary of the Smithers Corporation.  You might have actually seen the fruit of these plants at your local cafe because they are a tasty compliment to coffee.  Get ready to grow your own doughnuts!

Simply plant the seed after all danger of frost or start indoors a few weeks before the last frost.  Plant 12 inches apart in full sun, water daily as needed, and fertilize weekly with sugar.  Harvest in 60 days, allowing the fruit to dry in the sun for a few hours.  The fruits can be preserved with a coating of a protective glaze.  Below is video of an industrial glazing machine in action for mass preservation of these tasty fruits!

Note: April Fools!