Big Changes at Bob's Market

A few months ago representatives from Bob's Market went to an auction in Pittsburgh.  A garden center was closing and selling all of their assets - including the greenhouse itself!  After the bidding was over, Bob's was the owner of a new greenhouse.

Designed by Nexus, the same company that has designed many of the large greenhouses at our headquarters in Mason, this structure fit our needs exactly, and it was in great condition.  One problem though ... it's 150 miles from where we needed it!  So how do you move an entire 132' X 126' greenhouse?

Over the winter we have had a crew painstakingly disassembling the greenhouse bolt by bolt.  Carefully labeling parts, taking tons of notes, a bunch of pictures, and carefully packing everything up to be moved.  Now we're in the process of loading it onto trucks and moving it to its new home in Belpre, OH!  That's right!  Get ready for a new market at Belpre!

This project is just getting started so look for more updates as we continue to plan and build.  Thank you so much for the opportunity to continue to grow and serve our community.  It's support from our amazing customers that makes this possible!

2015-2016 Greenhouse Disassembly Photos