Growing Garden Tech.

Over the next few weeks we’re going to take a look at 2017 gardening trends.  Since we’re looking to the future, let’s start off by looking at some of the technology that is starting to crop up in our gardens and landscape.  The technologies that we use to automate our greenhouses at Bob’s is now making its way into systems anyone can take advantage of at home.

Amazon Echo, Google Now, and many other home automation systems are using the power of the Internet to make our homes and gardens smarter.  Imagine a lawn irrigation system that knows the forecast is calling for rain so it holds off on watering.  Systems like this are available now!

Solar lighting has been around for a few years, but it is getting smarter too.  Many systems can now be controlled from your phone or home automation hub.  Newer LED and battery technologies mean these lights are also brighter and more energy efficient.

Home weather stations are also getting smarter by connecting to the Internet.  Sharing data with home automation systems like smart thermostats and the aforementioned irrigation systems, make these systems even more efficient by utilizing “hyperlocal” weather data.  Also, by sharing this data with services like Weather Underground and, these services are able to compile data from thousands of weather stations to generate more accurate forecasts.

Home automation is something that is still in its infancy, like where the iPhone was 10 years ago.  That being said, it is great to see devices already being developed for use in the garden and landscape.  Just imagine how these technologies will develop over the next decade.