Do You Have an Active Space?

A trend that is cropping up more and more in landscapes is the idea of “active spaces”.  Everyone is familiar with this concept.  Active spaces are areas designed for outdoor recreational activities.  Perhaps the most classic examples are pool areas, play areas for kids, and tennis courts, putting greens, etc.  Let’s take a look at some of the newer trends that are a bit out of the ordinary.

The key with newer active space design is incorporating them into the landscape as both functional and aesthetic elements.  Of course we are seeing this today with the idea of creating outdoor “rooms”, fire pits, and outdoor cooking and dining areas.  However, the possibilities are limitless.

When it comes to outdoor spaces for adults, a popular trend is multi-use courts made of packed clay, crushed gravel, or sand.  These areas can then be used for activities like bocce ball, horseshoes, volley ball, or even cornhole.  Another trend is the creation of gardens specifically for prayer, meditation, and yoga.

Spaces for kids are getting in on this trend too.  Instead of having a sand box, why not think outside the proverbial box and incorporate it into a nice flower bed.  Another popular project is to build a living playhouse out of sunflower plants for walls or creating a beanpole teepee.

This summer go outside and enjoy your outdoor living space to its fullest.  I know I’ve got some serious cabin fever right now.  Shake off those winter blues and start planning your active space.