Destress Outdoors

Earlier this week I was contacted by James DiNardo.  James has a blog where he documents his travels across the US hiking, kayaking, and biking.  The main goal for his blog is to share his experiences to help others “in their search for peace in the outdoors”.  We can relate to that here at Bob’s Market because one of the primary reasons folks garden is to escape to the outdoors and relieve the stress of day to day life.

“As for me, my website is simply a way to share the talents I have (such as they are) for the benefit of others.  I discovered kayaking as a way to escape and come to grips with some difficult circumstances in my life but the endeavors I undertook soon grew into something more.  As a result, composing my photo-journals has now become something that I can best describe as a labor of love.  The work makes me feel as if I'm doing something important - something that might be of benefit to others in search of peace.”