In The News: Wild Weather Wednesday

A few weeks ago we had the privilege of being interviewed for Spencer Adkins' Wild Weather Wednesday segment on WOWK Channel 13's 6:00 news.  Last week the segment aired.  Here is the transcript of the segment:

Gardeners Will Garden, No Matter The Season
By: Spencer Adkins, Chief Meteorologist

MASON - No matter how gloomy or cold it gets outside, some people just want to plant something. The people at Bob's Market in Mason say they have just the plant for those people: the pansy.

In fact, at the Bob's Market greenhouses, they grow several acres of these delicate-looking and delicate-sounding plants. But the pansy is no pushover: the truth is, as long as you can get a shovel in the ground, pansies promise a payoff with their colorful palate.

"Put them in the ground in November, and they'll survive all the way through the winter, and start blooming again in March, and bloom right up until spring until you get ready to plant your summer plants," said John Morgan of Bob's Greenhouse. Morgan hosts online plant chat sessions on the company's web page.

Another huge greenhouse at Bob's Market is filled with poinsettias and the thermostat is turned up to a comfortable temperature in the 70s. Poinsettias are the perfect indoor plant for those who are done with outdoor gardening for the season. Thousands of poinsettias grow in Bob's greenhouses, and the current green leaves will soon yield brilliant colors for the holidays and well beyond, if you take care of them properly.

"Poinsettias are kind of finicky," Morgan said. "They like sort of dry soil but not really dry, so they need to be kept moist. They also like warmer temperatures, but yet you want to avoid areas with drafts."

So whether it's pansies or poinsettias, there are still some options for the green-thumb gang, no matter what the weather brings in the coming weeks.

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