Something Big

September is a special month in the history of Bob’s Market.  15 years ago we registered the domain name “” thus beginning our presence on the information super highway.  We had no idea how important the net would be today.  I mean smart phones hadn’t even been invented yet (I do have fond memories of my Nokia), TVs were still big square boxes, and connecting to the internet still involved a phone cable.  What a primitive time!  To mark this historic occasion, we have some plans for the month of September.

First off, to celebrate, we are going to give away 15 prizes.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for a chance to win.  Don’t worry, we’ll have different ways to enter just in case you’re not on all of those.  Get ready for a plethora of travel mugs, umbrellas, t-shirts, and other goodies.  Also, if we hit 4,000 fans on Facebook, we’ll give away another Box of Awesome™!

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Secondly, buy gift cards and save 15% with the promo code "15ONLINE".  All of our gift cards have free shipping.  They make great Christmas presents for the green thumbs in your family.  Since we are celebrating 15 years of, this offer only applies to cards purchased via our website.

Finally, get ready for a fresh, new online presence for Bob’s Market.  Since April, our IT guy has been working behind the scenes to get the next big thing ready.  Get ready for it to make an appearance on very soon!


Edit: This blog post was made prior to the official release of version 4.0  If you are reading this, welcome to our new, new, new, new site!