Up-cycled Tipsy Pot Tower

Courtesy of Susie Vanco

Courtesy of Susie Vanco

For this week's blog post I need to give a shout out to Susie Vanco from Gallipolis, OH.  She shared a photo of her pool on Facebook, but I spotted something awesome in the background.  A few emails later, and I present to you the Up-cycled Tipsy Pot Planter!

For this project you will need some old hanging baskets from Bob's Market, some rebar (or another sturdy metal rod), and potting mix and plants.  Optionally, you can also use terracotta pots, but up-cycling old hanging baskets is the most eco-friendly method.

Constructing the tower is dead simple.  Drive the stake into the ground where you want the tower.  Then add a bottom pot by threading it through the drain hole, and then fill it with potting mix.  Then simply stack the rest of the pots by tipping them to the right and left.  After that it is as easy as adding potting mix and plating.  I recommend planting a mixture of plants that will both fill and spill over the sides of the tower.

At the end of the season, the tower is easy to take down and store.  Also, when your plastic pots from Bob's start to show their age, you can return them to any of our stores for free recycling!  Head out to the garden and get tipsy this weekend!