#Cultivate15 Live Blog: Monday, July 13

Note: OK so I'm posting this a bit late. I wrote it last night, but I was just beat yesterday evening so I passed out before I could post this.

Today I attended the keynote presented by Nancy Fire, the founder and creative director of Design Works International, she specializes in trends i.e. print/color direction, color palettes, and graphics. In the horticultural industry we constantly look to the fashion industry for inspiration. One company that Nancy's company works with is the HGTV Home brand so her advice definitely carries weight.

After the keynote, I switched gears and went to a session that many might consider boring, but I think it is a trend that will have a lasting impact on the future of landscape design. Green infrastructure (rain gardens, green roofs, bioswales, etc.) is functional landscaping that is not only good for the environment, but also can look marvelous if properly maintained. Look for articles on green infrastructure coming to our blog in the future. We could definitely use some rain gardens this summer!

This afternoon I went to a couple of sessions on social media. You probably found this blog post via Facebook, Twitter, or our newsletter. I think we have a pretty active online community. However, it is always great to hear what others are doing. I picked up some great ideas!

Tomorrow I'm planning on hitting the trade show floor. Follow @bobsmarket on Twitter and the #Cultivate15 hashtag to get the latest from the show.

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