S1E9 - Garden Jedi


Greetings my gardening Padawans!  In this episode we draw from the wisdom of Yoda to help us maybe not move X-Wings with the Force, but start our own garden.  Now is the perfect time of the year to start getting new garden beds ready for next spring.  Are you ready for a crash course in the basics like Luke on Dagobah?

"Try not! Do! Or do not! There is no TRY."

Help Us Keep Growing

As our first season comes to a close, I'm looking for some feedback on how we did (Really. Be brutally honest.), but also what you would like to hear about next season.  Also, to sweeten the deal, I'm going to send you a small gift for helping out.  I have enough for the first 25 entries.  Then, in our last episode, I'll announce the winner of a stainless steel Bob's Market tumbler!

Cover Image: Villa Balbianello a Lenno in Italy was used as the lake retreat on Naboo in Star Wars: Episode II.  A Garden fit for a Jedi!  Source: Wikimedia Commons