Verbena Care

Verbena plants are normally very tolerant of heat and drought, but grow best if they are given plenty of water when they are actively growing.  Verbenas should be grown where they will receive full sun for a minimum of 8-10 hours each day except in the hottest summer regions, where they will appreciate some shading in the afternoon.

The main soil requirement is for excellent drainage. Verbenas will not survive extended periods of soggy soil.  Verbenas are tolerant of poor soil, but they will grow and flower best if you mix in compost, peat moss or other organic material to the planting hole before setting in your new plant.

Water regularly and thoroughly until your Verbenas are well established.  After that, you will only need to water them when the soil is dry.  Feed once, in the spring when the plants are about 6" tall, using a good, all-purpose liquid fertilizer.  This is a good time to pinch the tips lightly to induce bushiness.