Frost Tolerant Annuals

PHOTO_11586410_63455_7271781_ap     When it comes to getting the most bloom for your buck, the way to go is planting annuals.  However, in early spring there just isn't a huge selection of flowers available to add a splash of color to your landscape.  There are early blooming bulbs, like daffodils, but their color is short-lived.  Pansies make a great choice because they can be planted in the fall and survive through the winter to bring blooms once again in the spring, but what if you want more?  

    There are a number of plants that can survive cold temperatures, mild frost, and some can even withstand hard freezes.  Some plants you wouldn't think of, like petunias, can withstand a mild frost if the are acclimated.  We do that here at Bob's by exposing our petunias and calibrachoas to cold temperatures at night after they have been transplanted.  Here is a list of some cold tolerant favorites:

-Pansies and Violas
-Sweet Alyssum
-Sweet Peas
-Forget Me Not
-Petunias and Calibrachoa (if acclimated)
-Geraniums (if acclimated)