$5 Indoor Garden


The groundhog, French Creek Freddie, didn't see his shadow and spring is just around the corner. However, it's not quite time to start planting just yet, but there is a cheap way do grow some awesome veggies inside during the winter.

For this project I started with small plastic totes that can be purchased for less than a dollar. These totes come with a lid that will actually serve a dual purpose for this project. You will also need seed starting mix (I prefer its consistency when growing from seed) and also a selection of veggie or herb seeds that can be grown in containers like leaf lettuce, radishes, onions, etc.

I started by fist drilling drain holes in the bottom of the tote. I went with two holes, but I've seen examples with six. Then I lined the bottom of the tote with a paper towel to help keep the soil from leaking out of the holes during watering. (I also like to use this trick on pots in the summer.) Next, add enough potting mix to fill the planter about one inch from the top. The thickness of the soil is the key to growing a healthy root system. I also like to moisten my soil to help pack it into the container before sowing the seeds. Finally, it is just a matter of sowing the seeds and watering.

During the germination period use the plastic cover for the tote as a lid to both darken the environment and hold in moisture. After the seedlings have started to sprout remove the lid and use it as the drip pan! Place the seedling in a sunny window and prepare to have the fixing for a great salad in about 30-50 days.