Rainy Day Gardening

If you haven’t noticed, it has been a bit wet and cold outside recently.  Ranging from drizzle to torrential downpours, April has been a wet month.  This has left many gardens looking more like rice paddies.  Let’s take a look at what we can do around the garden when the heavens open.

1.       Stay out of your garden!  Really.  You might be tempted to brave the mud, but you’re doing more harm than good.  Working in wet soil can damage its structure and lead to compaction as the soil begins to dry out.


2.       Sharpen and clean garden tools.  This is also a good time to organize your tools storage,  and it is a great time to replace broken tools or add to your arsenal.  We know of a place with great deals on quality gardening gear.


3.       Clean out your bird feeders and fill them with fresh seed.  Wet seed encourages mold, which can make our little friends sick.  Also, refill hummingbird feeders.  During heavy downpours, those little guys are grounded.  If we were scaled down to their size, raindrops would be the size of basketballs.  Ouch!  They’ll need to feed when the rains are over.


4.       Have you been thinking about raised beds, wood planters, or other building projects?  A rainy day is the perfect time to work on these.  Clear out the garage and break out your tool belt.


5.       Let your imagination run wild.  Now is the perfect time to plan future projects.  Pinterest is a great resource for ideas.  Check out our Pinterest boards.