Thanksgiving Spices and Herbs

Growing and cooking with herbs and spices has seen a resurgence in the past few years.  Nothing can make your holiday tastier than incorporating herbs and spices into your meal.  Here are the seasonings that epitomize the Thanksgiving menu.


Nutmeg is perhaps the key spice for any Thanksgiving meal.  The seed of the myristica fragrans tree, a native of Indonesia, is one of the essential spices responsible for giving pumpkin pie its flavor.  Nutmeg, along with cinnamon, is the spice in pumpkin spice … everything.


A native of Sri Lanka, this spice made from tree bark is perhaps the spice we equate most with fall and winter.  Just like its tropical origins, its warmth reminds us of warmer days to come.  Paired with nutmeg, you get the ubiquitous pumpkin spice.


The pine-like scent and flavor of rosemary helps conjure images of Christmas trees and cozying up to the fire.  A little goes a long way with rosemary so go easy if you don’t have much experience cooking with it.  Finely chop and combine with butter to rub onto turkey before roasting.

Tip: Whole stems of rosemary make a great addition to Thanksgiving table decorations.


Sage is another popular autumn herb.  The slightly fuzzy, aromatic leaves are warm and savory, which complements the sweeter side of pork.  Paired with rosemary, these two make a powerhouse mix for seasoning turkey.


Thyme is perhaps my favorite herb.  It pairs well with poultry, and it makes the perfect addition to stuffing.  Thyme stems are woody so strip off the tender leaves for cooking.