2 Year Tree and Shrub Warranty

To receive the 2-year plant guarantee from your favorite Bonide® retailer:

  • Buy any ornamental tree, shrub, fruit tree or rose bush
  • Buy and use Bonide® Root & Grow®
  • Buy the appropriate amount of your retailer’s recommended soil amendment
  • Follow the rooting/planting care guide (Provided When Purchased)

Root & Grow®, soil, and plants purchased must all be on the same original receipt, along with a picture of the dead plant(s). This guarantee covers up to $200.00 per plant (only). Planting and re-planting costs are not covered. This guarantee does not apply to commercial applicators or landscapers.

Once approved, Bonide® will send you a store certificate worth up to $200.00 per plant!

*All plants must be planting zone appropriate to be covered by this guarantee.

**The guarantee form must be sent to Bonide along with the receipt copy and a photo (see above).


Bonide Customer Service - Guarantee
6301 Sutliff Road
Oriskany, NY 13424


Effective: 4/13/2017