Cultivate18 LIVE Blog: Sunday

Hi!  John Morgan here with my next installment of our Cultivate18 coverage.  Today, I was mainly in educational sessions for most of the day.  These covered a number of different topics ranging from legislation impacting our industry to the latest marketing trends.  Boring stuff. Right?


This afternoon I had some free time to head over to the trade show floor.  I'm planning on checking it out on Tuesday.  It covers 8 acres!  Today I mainly wanted to check out the new variety displays.

Each year plant breeders introduce new varieties, and many of those eventually end up in our stores.  Many industries can quickly adapt to the latest trends, but in our industry it can years to develop new plant varieties.  It takes a tremendous amount of planning ... and growing to make sure there's enough seed or vegetative cuttings of a new variety to meet demand.  The current resurgence in houseplants is a good example of this.  The supply chain simple wasn't able to handle the increased demand for some varieties like the recent Chinese Money Plant craze.  Each year displays like this represent tons of research and work behind the scenes.


Teresa and Sue are on a roll at #Cultivate18

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