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Growing with Artificial Light

I’m not a fan of winter.  The cold doesn’t bother me, it’s the darkness.  S.A.D., seasonal affective disorder, can have some serious effects like weight gain, tiredness, and general depression and moodiness.  However, there are ways to combat its effects.  Sun exposure or phototherapy is the best treatment.  One of the benefits of working for a greenhouse is that it is 75 degrees and sunny every day.  What about our plants?  Do they need extra light too?

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Every Landscape Starts with a Good Foundation

Maybe you have a new house with no landscaping, or perhaps you are looking to rejuvenate your aging landscape.  You need plants that make your home look welcoming, take the curb appeal up a level, and tie the house to the surrounding landscape.  You need a good foundation.  In fact, that’s what these plantings are called – “foundation beds”.

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The Garden of Weedin'

It’s happened!  My garden has been taken over by weeds.  It’s not my fault!  I went to Cultivate’16 in July and then on a trip to the Biltmore Estate (beautiful gardens!).  Then I was sick for two weeks with the worst cold I’ve had in years.  This meant I was away from the garden for nearly a month.  Sound familiar?  Many times during the summer months it is easy for our gardens to take less of a priority over awesome summer activities.  So how do we recover from a garden drowning in weeds?

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