Bob's Market Introduces A New Product!

This year Bob's Market is proud to introduce a new product line.  From the foothills of Switzerland we are importing trees from the species

spagosus pastara,

also know as Spaghetti Trees


  Once threatened with extinction, these trees have now been fully repopulated it Switzerland and Italy.  Recently a change in US Customs regulations has allowed us to start importing the once endangered plants.

Spaghetti trees are an important commercial crop plant and well-known example of where money almost literally grows on trees. Although they can be grown worldwide, the best quality and flavor comes from the mountainous Alpine regions of Switzerland and Italy. In the 1950s, after many years of dedicated breeding, the Alpine farmers enjoyed a spaghetti heyday, producing pasta of perfectly uniform size and taste. They had also all but eradicated the spaghetti weevil that had such a devastating effect on the crop in other areas.

Check out this documentary from the Spaghetti Tree heyday of the 1950s:

P.S. April Fools!