Winter Gardening Series

If you haven’t been outside lately, you are lucky.  It’s bloomin’ cold!  This time of year is perhaps the most depressing to be a gardener because the days are short, cloudy, and cold.  However, there are still ways to keep your green thumb growing during the winter season.  Over the next few weeks we are going to take a look at a project that is so simple it is impossible to get wrong.  We are going to create vivariums!

Biosphere 2 - Oracle, Arizona

Vivarium in Latin means “place of life” and they are an area, usually enclosed, for keeping animals or plants for observation or research.  A vivarium may be small enough to fit on a desktop or table, such as a terrarium or aquarium, or it may be a very large structure.  The biggest vivarium ever built was Biosphere 2 in Oracle, Arizona (Biosphere 1 being the Earth itself).  It was built in 1991 to explore the possible use of closed biospheres in space exploration.  Today it is still used by the University of Arizona for scientific research.

A Moss Terrarium

Next week we are going to start off by making a simple moss terrarium.  These are super easy to make and almost impossible to kill.  They also add a beautiful splash of green to any room.  I’m going to list the supplies below so you can plant with me next week.  The only challenging item to find is the moss.  I collect mine in the woods near my house.  When collecting it, try to peel it off the ground with your fingers.  Some of the dirt should come up along with it.


-Glass Container (open or closed & 3-10 inches in diameter)

-Small rocks or pebbles (enough to fill you container ¼ of the way up)

-Potting Mix

-Fairy Garden Decorations (optional)

-Live Moss (maybe a few different types)

-Misting Bottle (for watering)

-Water (obviously)

Be sure to work along with us.  We'll be having a photo contest to show off your work and win prizes at the end of the series!