Almanac: February 2017

1st Seeds planted now will grow poorly and yield little.

2nd-3rd Fine for planting beans, peppers, cucumbers, melons, and other aboveground crops where climate is suitable.

4th-6th Any seed planted now will tend to rot.

7th-8th Plant seedbeds and flower gardens. Fine for planting beans, tomatoes, corn, cotton, cucumbers, peppers, melons, and other above ground crops where climate allows.

9th-12th Clear ground, turn sod, kill plant pests.

13th-15th Fine for sowing grains, hay, and forage crops. Plant flowers. Favorable days for planting root crops.

16th-17th Start seedbeds. Good days for transplanting. Plant carrots, turnips, onions, beets, Irish potatoes, and other root crops in the South. Lettuce and other leafy vegetables will do well.

18th-20th Poor planting days.

21st-22nd Any root crops that can be planted now will do well.

23rd-24th Barren days. Fine for clearing, plowing, fertilizing, and killing plant pests.

25th-26th Extra good for cucumbers, peas, cantaloupes, and other vine crops. Set strawberry plants. First day is a good day for transplanting. First day is also favorable for onions, carrots, sweet potatoes, beets, and other root crops where climate permits. Second day is when to plant peppers, sweet corn, tomatoes, and other aboveground crops in southern Florida, California, and Texas.

27th-28th Seeds planted now will grow poorly and yield little.

Almanac data provided courtesy of the Farmers' Almanac.