2017 Solar Eclipse


Monday, August 21 will see one of the biggest celestial events in recent years across the US.  A total solar eclipse will be visible across the entire US!  The moon’s shadow will travel from the West Coast to the East Coast of the United States with only a narrow zone, called the path of totality, experiencing a total solar eclipse.  

Here in the Mid-Ohio Valley, we will experience a partial eclipse with 80-90% coverage.  The farther south you travel, the higher the percentage of coverage will be with the Huntington, WV area at 90%.  Our HQ here in Mason, WV will see about 88% coverage.

The time for the peak coverage will only be for about three minutes, so you need to know exactly when to look.  In general our area, the Mid-Ohio Valley (based off our HQ), will see the eclipse start at 1:06 pm, peak at 2:33 pm, and end at 3:55 pm.


Although we won’t be experiencing a total eclipse locally in the Mid-Ohio Valley, it is still going to be spectacular!  Remember, the eclipse should only be viewed directly with eclipse-watching glasses or viewing cards approved by the American Astronomical Society and NASA. Both groups have urged that watchers view the eclipse only in glasses engineered by reputable vendors that carry the international safety standard number “ISO 12312-2.” Even brief, unprotected glimpses of the sun can cause blurry vision or blindness.

If all goes to plan, our own resident geek, John Morgan, will be observing the eclipse live on Facebook Monday.  He has a telescope the with solar projection screen for observing the sun.  Let’s just hope for clear skies Monday.  Happy observing!

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