Groundhog Caucus 2016

Punxsutawney Phil failed to see his shadow today, indicating an early start to spring!  His decision marks only the 18th time this wise whistle pig has predicted an early spring since the tradition began in 1887.  However, French Creek Freddie, West Virginia's own mystical marmot of meteorology, says we can expect six more weeks of winter.  Who can we trust? Well ... these aren't the only two sagacious sciuridae.  Let's have a wood chuck caucus of sorts:

Name (Location)2016 Prediction
Balzac Billy (Alberta, Canada)Early Spring
Buckeye Chuck (OH)More Winter
Chattanooga Chuck (TN)Early Spring
Essex Ed (NJ)More Winter
French Creek Freddie (WV)More Winter
Gen. Beauregard Lee (GA)Early Spring
Jimmy (WI)Early Spring
Milltown Mel (NJ)More Winter
Punxsutawney Phil (PA)Early Spring
Shubenacadie Sam (Nova Scotia)Early Spring
Sir Walter Wally (NC)Early Spring
Staten Island Chuck (NY)Early Spring
Woody the Woodchuck (MI)More Winter

The votes are in, and it looks like an early spring "Trumps" six more weeks of winter.  I guess we can "Cruz" into warmer days.  [Insert Clinton pun here. (I've got nothing.)]*  We might feel the "Bern" with warmer days to come.**

The groundhog consensus this year points to an early spring, but does that match up with current predictions?  Yes ... and no.  It all depends on where you live and our good, old friend, El Niño.  Check out the map below from the current long-term forecast model generated by humans.

*Email me if you can think of one.

**Bob's Market does not endorse any particular candidate.